Dog Behaviorist

As a Dog owner you somethimes think time of time

“Am i doing  it allright”?

Especially if it is our First dog, but no matter how many dogs someone has, every dog hasa different character and behaves differently.

Do you ever experience this ore are you concerned about the wel-beïng of your dog(s)?

Do not hesitate but contact Hickory Dog Solutions tru mailcontact ore Phone.

By transferring my practical tools and knowledge, i can teach the dog in a positiveway how to communicate optimally with their owner.

On the basis of a Questionnair and a home visit,wich takes 60 to 90 minutes  a made advice is given, wich you will receive  by  email.

When do you want to contact me?

  • a taxi drive service for your dog
  • Insecure and anxios behavior
  • Fear and Abandoment
  • Socializing and interacting with other dogs
  • replacement dogs
  • Working on basic training
  • Relaxed walking on a leash
  • Make eye contact
  • Pulling and lunging on the leash
  • Building self confidence

If you experience other problems, you can always call Hickory Dog Solutions for a telephone consultation.