Acquaintance meeting

After the first contact, an appointment will be made to get to know you and your dog (s) in the home situation.


This involves looking at the behavior and character traits of your dog in order to determine in which group your dog comes into its own best.


If you decide to let your dog go with a dog walking service, we will make an appointment for a trial walk.


The agreement and (if applicable), the key contract will also be signed and the key handover will take place.


During the introductory meeting, there is plenty of room for questions and we discuss your wishes and our options.


The Stroll

The stroll are with a maximum of 3 dogs:

Hickory Dog Solutions walks the dogs in the region for a one-hour walk.

The time your dog is away from home can be an hour and a half.

This depends on your address, the number of dogs on the round, and the location of the outlet.

During the walk, your dog has a leash on and the dog is provided with a dog tag with his or her name.

If you decide to use one of my services, you can sign up by emailing: or calling +31(0)681832405

Because I want to have all the attention for the dogs during the walks, I can’t be reached by phone during the walks

If your dog cannot join the agreed walk, please cancel 24 hours in advance for planning reasons. If you do not cancel within the agreed period, the walk will be charged.

We help you design the life you want for your dog